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Cheer Impact 

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Cheer Impact Classes - Held at Cheer Impact Training Facility 
(4810 E. 23rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46218)


$25 New Student Membership Fee (Yearly)/ $35 Family Membership Fee (more than one child) -- NON-REFUNDABLE

$50 Monthly Tumbling Tuition (due on the 20th of the previous month): 1-hour class once a week for 4 weeks

Privates: $125/4-week session (Once per week, one hour class)


- $140 Monthly Tuition Fees: (due on the 20th of each month beginning June 20th until April 20th -- 11 month commitment) 

Tuition includes Mandatory Tumbling Class (selected based on your availability)

***Choreography Camp, Competition Fees, Uniform/Apparel fees NOT included 

- $100 Monthly Gym Fees: (Due on the 1st of each month, beginning October 1st until April 1st) 

Gym Fees cover competition entry fees; however, gym fees do not include State Nationals, Summit, Rock IT! Cheer Camp

***All travel/transportation/lodging is the responsibility of each family


Wednesday 6pm - 7pm (Level 1 – Ages 4-8)

Wednesday 7pm - 8pm (Level 1 – ALL AGES 4-12)

Thursday 7pm – 8pm (Level 1 – ALL AGES 4-12)

Saturday 10am - 11am (Level 1 – Ages 4-8)

Saturday 11am - 12noon (Level 1 – Ages 9-12)

Tumbling Level 1

Skills Taught: Forward Roll, Handstand, Backbend, Cartwheel, Round-Off, Front &  Back Walk-over

Tumbling Level 2   

(Mastered Level 1 Skills)

 Skills Taught: Back Handspring, Round-off Back Handspring

                                  Tumbling Level 3   

                               (Mastered Level 2 Skills)

                                    Skills Taught: Back Tuck, Round-off Back Handspring Back Tuck

All-Star/All-Star Prep Competition Cheer

2019-2020 Cheer Season Info will be posted APRIL 2019!!!!