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Cheer Impact 

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Half Year Competitive Cheer

(Interested in competition cheer but do not want the full season commitment or simply want to see if your daughter would be interested? Join our Half Year Team.)

Who: Girls Ages 5-8

When: Practice begins on Monday, January 7th, 2019

Registration Fees: Full Uniform Package, Tuition and Gym Fees will all be due by 1st Practice.  Please contact us for price breakdown of all fees.

Commitment: 3 Competitions between February-April (2 local and 1 travel) -- Practice/Tumbling (Sunday afternoons, Monday evenings and Thursday Evenings)

 Competition Week Practice schedule is subject to change from normal schedule.

SEASON 4 (2018-2019)

***Accepting All Girls Ages 3-14***

 Official Signing Day

When: Saturday, May 20th 2pm - 5pm

Where: Cheer Impact (4810 E. 23rd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46218)

$150. 00 Commitment Fee DUE


Cheer Impact All-Star Cheerleading

2018-2019 Competition Season Packet/Info Coming Soon!

Tiny Novice: Ages 3-6
Youth Prep: Ages 5-11
All Star Junior: Ages 5-14

- Monthly Tuition Fees: (due on the 20th of each month beginning June 20th until April 20th -- 11 month commitment) 

Tuition includes Mandatory Tumbling Class (selected based on your availability)

***Choreography Camp, Competition Fees, Uniform/Apparel fees NOT included 

- Monthly Gym Fees: 

$125 All Star Junior

$75 Youth Prep

(Due on the 1st of each month, beginning October 1st until April 1st) 

Gym Fees cover competition entry fees; however, gym fees do not include State Nationals, Summit, Rock IT! Cheer Camp

***All travel/transportation/lodging is the responsibility of each family